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Hindy picks from Culte Femme’s latest

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

I’ve been having a little too much fun with this Flip camera of Nicole. Hope you enjoy!

Hindy was telling me about how it was a bit difficult to work with banig since the weave would shift as the stones were sewn on.

When I told her that I was in love with these burgundy eyelet shorts (but they didn’t have my size! Tear.), she said that those were done by hand by a shop that really specialized in callado. Unfortunately, after having been in business for 40 years, the workshop had to close because it couldn’t compete with the volume, speed, and price of China’s production. How sad! We really need to start supporting local industry and handicraft or else they’ll all slowly disappear.

Thanks for the interview Hindy! Had a great afternoon!


Puey Quinones Starts the Fashion Series at Members Only

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Was at Member’s Only last night for the start of their six part fashion series sponsored in part by Preview magazine and 42 Below vodka (their Summer Breeze was dee-lish).

Nicole lent me this adorable, itty bitty (PINK!) video cam to try out. Unfortunately, low-light proved to be a huge challenge for my amateur videography skills. Puey, however, happily obliged me and gave me a quick interview by the lamp at the bar.

So after trying and failing to capture his muses on video, i fell back to my trusty old camera (It’s pink too!).

Trying to choreograph his ten muses into an impromptu gatefold-worthy composition was a bit tricky.

But it did turn out quite well, didn’t it? From L-R: (Standing) Candy Dizon, Pia Campos, Lulu Tan Gan, Carmina Sanchez; (Seated) Ria Bolivar, Mai Kauffman, Puey Quinones, Divine Lee, Cat Arambulo, Ange dela Cruz, Isabelle Abiera; (Seated on the floor) Lara Parpan, and Solenn Heussaff.

Details at a glance:

Contrast ruffling on Ange’s skirt and gorgeous texture on Mai’s capelet.

Art attack on the frocks of Divine Lee and Isabelle Abeira.

A polka dotted sneak peek under Solenn’s skirt.

Mother-of-Pearl buttons invading Ria’s dress.

These are the highlights. Stay tuned for more!


Party Style: At The Manor

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

We’ve been invited to the grand opening of Manor, the newest club in Eastwood City.

A grand staircase makes you feel like you’re walking up to a palatial Penthouse.

The club area upstairs also has a small open-air terrace that lets you take in the view of Eastwood’s inner courtyard.

The invitation specifies that it’s a pajama party. How very With Honors! Visions of Moira Kelly in her little slipdress reeling in a plaid clad Brendan Frasier are coming to mind. Haha.

So what would one wear to said party? I’ve been poring over sleepwear-inspired looks that are club worthy but not trashy. A bit of a challenge considering the choices span from slinky satins to fugly flannel.

The Sleep Shirt

Holly Golightly looked great in that oversized tux shirt in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Of course she was wearing it to sleep in the confines of her apartment so that was pretty appropriate.

How to make it work?

photo from

So let’s start with a cute night shirt like this one from Victoria’s Secret. (It would be spicier in a darker shade or a simple white though) Then let’s add a pair of glossy leggings

Click here to see the Trendspotting article on Eel Leggings.

…like these with gladiator heels or slick black pumps or even sandal booties. That could look hot.

The Silky Robe

This was from Rosanna Ocampo’s collection for Fabric presented in July last year. It’s like a bedroom robe but the prints make it fun enough for a night on the town.

The kimono dress from the same collection gives the same feel as a robe and can be worn over a bodycon dress. It’s a nice, steady option.

The Lacy Nightie

I really think the lingerie-inspired looks of Blumarine’s Spring/Summer 2008 collection would be the hottest choice.

photos from

It’s so chic with the cropped jacket and a belt resting on the hips. Of course I’d wear another slip or camisole underneath or slip on a pair of Kate’s lace tights to keep from feeling too bare. (The air’s still chilly, after all!)

photo from

Or you could do a Stella McCartney (Fall ’07) and wear a sexy oversized sweater over a slip. It’s a little cozy for clubbing though.

I guess I’ll wait to see what the mood strikes me that night. Can’t wait to see what everyone else will be wearing. Stay tuned for the party pics.


Fashion Bites: A Stylin’ Soltera

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Cousin dearest will be getting married early next month and her Despedida de Soltera last Saturday was a fun little preview of how great her wedding’s going to be. (More eating, more drinking, some dancing, and a ton of silliness in store.)

My cousin Mitzi and her maid of honor, Celine.

Mitzi, Celine, my other fab cuz Catrina, and I all went to Vietnam a few months ago to do a little fabric shopping for the wedding. (Click here to see my entry Shop Saigon.) We found the prettiest pale pink embroidered tulle for her soltera dress which Joey (Samson) turned into a simple shift.

He used the scalloped edges to highlight the neck and hemline. Pretty velvet straps held everything in place. The neckline dipped into a deeper V at the back, with the scalloped edging making it look incredibly romantic.

Patty Morato-Roa is and has been one of my cousin’s best friends since high-school. She’s designing the dresses for the entourage, which we fit that morning. I’m so excited to post about the gown I’ll be wearing, with it’s fluffy ball skirt (My crinoline dreams have come true!), and Jackie O. neckline. Doesn’t Patty look amazing? You can’t even tell she’s pregnant.

Here’s a preview of my niece Solana wearing her magenta flower girl dress. Note: the flower applique she’s holding in her hands is from the fabric we bought in Saigon. Patty will be using it as an accent piece on the gowns. (Click here to see my entry Shop Saigon.)

Back to the soltera…stylish friends present: a sleepy Bianca Gonzales and Louis Vuitton’s Pam Picazo. Don’t you love Pam’s asymmetric dress? Bianca’s dress was loads of fun with a peek-a-boo at the back.

Here I am switching scene modes on my camera, trying to do a Jeurgen Teller. L-R: Celine’s dress is from F&H. What a cool find! I’m really loving Jett’s black bustier. It has pockets! Any dress with pockets is a winner in my book. I’m all about form and function.

And to end…a quick shot of the happy couple. Congratulations Mitz and Hen! Looking forward to the big day ;)


Fashion Bites: Fabric featuring Kate Torralba

Friday, January 16th, 2009

I was a little disappointed with the turnout last night. I thought the place would be packed. Nonetheless, it was a fun evening (as would be expected from an event with Kate). So for those of you who couldn’t make it, here are my highlights.

Kate with her team. Check out her store manager, Nice Buenaventura. She’s totally channeling Agyness Deyn with her hat, glasses, and eclectic style.

Jun Poblador gave her a limited edition Bob Mackie Barbie doll. He said, “Check out the gown on this doll. When I saw it I thought of Kate right away.”

She performed three songs before the fashion show (very Tori Amos). She’s actually releasing an album soon so stay tuned. Here’s the gig sched I pulled off Facebook if you’d like to hear her sing live.

Jan 16 (Fri) – West Grand Boulevard Tour, Mag:Net High Street, The Fort 1030pm
Jan 23 (Fri) – Cafe Saguijo, San Antonio Village, Makati 10pm
Jan 28 (Wed) – The POP Shoppe, Gweilos, C. Palanca St., Makati 10pm
Jan 30 (Fri) – Anabel Bosch Fundraiser, Mag:Net High Street, The Fort 10pm

Backstage, we stalked the models a bit to see the tights better. Can you guess which legs belong to which model? Sanya, Bianca, Ornusa, Mia, and Raya are somewhere in this photo. I like the light gray lacey tights with a paisley-ish pattern.

I also thought this was cool.

Styling Tip: Layer a pair of textured tights over a pair of opaque ones for an interesting contrast. This blue and black combination was interesting. It’ll look great with either a simple LBD or a dominantly dark dress with textured fabric or pleating.

This is my favorite dress from the collection. I like the play of textures. I also went through a pink + brown phase a while back. This would have been perfect.

My favorite part of the night was all the dancing and random picture taking that came after the show. It’s been awhile. Haha! Must stick to my resolution to be more fun this year. This was a nice way to kickstart things.


The First Wedding in 2009

Monday, January 5th, 2009

My friends Marica Lim and Beng Llanado finally tied the knot last Saturday and boy, was it a great way to start the year! Amazing venue, a delicious menu by Chef Laudico, and awesome 80s music for the after party. (I guess that shows my age. Haha!) We all just danced til our well-heeled feet could walk no more.

The reception was held at the National Museum at dusk and a red carpet lined the steps leading up to the main hall.

The museum’s inner courtyard was beautifully, and simply, arranged with neat tables and a checkerboard dancefloor.

Richie Ortega designed the bridal gown. I always love how feminine and romantic her designs are and her beadwork is just so pretty. She made a capelet for Marica to wear in Church (see middle photo), which has become a bit of a trademark for Richie. (Her beaded boleros and capelets are sold at Harrod’s under her line When I Was Five, a brand she started with stylish sisters Audrey Puckett-Chiu and Reina Puckett-Tan.)

Marica really wanted a Green theme for her wedding. The gowns of her bridesmaids and her mom were made of organically dyed silk. I like how the pleats of the bustier flowed over the beaded waistlines on the dresses.

Her daughter, Carmen’s dress was recycled from her grandmother’s terno, even the lining!

It’s amazing how Marica never seemed stressed during the prep months before. I guess keeping it simple goes a long way.

Cheers you two! Big hugs!



Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

I may not have gone out to join the festivities last October 31 (I blame my non-attendance on a slight fever) but I did get to glimpse some of the cooler costumes that the more gung-ho folks gamely prepared.

At the Office

There was no memo requesting people to come in costume but working in a creative workplace means people will take it upon themselves to do so. It cracked me up really.

Click on the images to see them at full-size.

From L-R: Jack Skellington, Ursula from the Little Mermaid, and Mr. Brad Pitt wannabe.

From L-R: Robin minus Batman, a really cool Pirate, and Marilyn Monroe on a casual Friday.

From L-R: Our resident Ninja and the Mother Superior in THAT little black dress.

From My Inbox

It seems the men had a grander time dressing up. As Eunice says, they have better costume options. Most of the women’s costume ideas always lean towards the sexy side, so props to those ladies who got creatively dressed. (Click here to see Style Bible’s Halloween Style Star nominees.)

Anyhow, here are a few cool pics from who sent in their halloween costume photos. I felt they deserved some airtime.

Karl Leuterio soldiering on inspired by Comme des Garçons.

Imma Villapando as The Joker.

A drink holding, camera-toting Storm Trooper at Embassy Cuisine.

The funniest iPod Nano ever.

Eunice took us through the planning stages of pulling-off, and recreating, Madonna‘s idyllic Jean Paul Gaultier cone-shaped bustier. She and her friends went as the different reinventions of Madonna. How cool is that? Suffice it to say, she was en “Vogue” in more ways than one. (Note to men: “My eyes are up here, guys.”)

Eunice as Madonna and her beau Kim as a Harlem Globetrotter.

My Niece

A stylist in the making, my 5-year-old niece, who is already a budding painter, decided to dress as Frida Kahlo to Trick-or-Treat. Her mum says she learned all about the painter after visiting an exhibit of the artist’s works in the US. She even made a checklist of everything she’d need: green dress, a flower for her hair, and of course, the unibrow.

My niece Ines Soler as Frida Kahlo with her little brother Diego dressed as Thomas the Train’s engineer.

Hope you all had a great Hallow’s Eve.


Eduardo Sicangco’s Exhibit at the Ayala Museum

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

I’ve always had a thing for the theater. Love the costumes; love the sets; and of course escaping into an hour or two of fantasy.

When Juana Manahan invited me to the opening two weeks ago telling me it was a costume exhibit, I was thinking along the lines of traditional Filipino costumes. It was only when I got the formal invitation, and after Rajo talked to me about the exhibit opening of his friend Eduardo Sicangco, “this amazing production designer!,” that I realized what was up for show. What fun!

Mannequins on pedestals, clad in the most fabulous costumes. (Even the winged armor from the recent Belo Venetian Ball was on display).

The 20s obsessed part of my brain honed in on this amazing white flapper dress, hidden behind a curtain printed with the artist’s sketches. Such a shame it wasn’t out in the middle of the room! I would have loved to have a closer look.

Can you see it on the right-most mannequin? This is the perfect excuse to go see it in person.

You’ll have to bear with my photos for this entry. It’s a little hard to work with lighting on a camera phone.

An Elizabethan-style bridal gown with crystal medallion patterns on the skirt. The detail photo on the right was from the train of the dress.

Quite as exciting as the costumes were his sketches, studies, and mock-ups. The detailing on his work is amazing. I suppose that considering the distance between the actors on stage and their audience, trimmings and embellishments need to be over-the-top to be noticed.

This is a costume study he did for Alice in Wonderland. The quote says, “I was going for a different and unpredictable take on the fantasy and thought to myself: ‘What if I do surreal a la Max Ernst but with a gentler and subtler color palette?”

Look at the amazing detail and paper-cutting on this mock-up. The Queen of Hearts never looked so awe-some.

Unfortunately, the powers of my phone camera weren’t strong enough to capture the (real crystal!) gems on this costume study for a Giant Stiltwalker for The Ringling Circus. That and I was trying to avoid the glare from the LCD screen behind me.

I like how the swatches and a sample of the detailing on the sleeves of the jacket were included in the mock-up.

I won’t spoil the exhibit any more than I already have. I do recommend going to see it. If you’d like to do a little research on Eduardo Sicangco, here’s the link to his website: I fell in love with his set design for Babes in Toyland. How perfectly creepy crawly for Halloween!

Of course, my night wouldn’t be complete without a bit of style-stalking.

I used to love watching Cecile Sicangco-Ibarra dance when I was much younger. She gets special treatment as the designers sister. Her beautiful LBD is made of woven raffia and (together with her choker) was designed by Eduardo.

Pilates trainer Linzi Arellano-Co was also wearing a dress designed by Eduardo Sicangco that evening. It was actually her wedding dress!

My favorites of the evening were the Manahan women, all of them in dresses by Ivar Aseron.

I spotted Tats Manahan, the woman behind the evening’s event, the moment I entered because I couldn’t take my eyes off the pinafore-esque design at the back of her halter top. Together with her vintage Romeo Gigli tulip skirt and her patent Mary Janes, she was a total Jazz babe.

A silk bustier, ostritch-feather skirt, and Gaupo shoes. It’s all couture for Juana Manahan.

Liliana Manahan takes after her mom Tats that evening in this pretty Art Deco dress. Love the sunny color!

More party photos coming tomorrow. Stay tuned!