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Le Sigh!

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

I received these photos in the mail from the nice ladies at Jul Dizon Jewellery.

Pink and yellow sapphires, a double gold band…it’s purty!

Here’s a much better photo of the coral ring from the Kris Aquino collection that I mentioned in my previous post. I love how it feels ethereal and enchanted, as though it belongs with all the Prada Fairy Collection clad girls on Preview’s June 2008 cover. If I ever became a forest elf (think Arwen and Galadriel), this would be my token charm.




Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

It’s gorgeous!

When I saw this photo of Lucy Torres-Gomez at the presscon for Ascoff Forte, my eyes zeroed in on her hand. It looks like it could be carved out of ivory and it looks stunning against her fair complexion. I’d love to find out where she got it.

I also chanced upon a more industrial version by Industrial Designer cum Jewelry Designer Brech.

“‘A rose is a rose is a rose is a ring’ ring. A tribute to Gertrude Stein and her fascinating life. The ring comes packed securely in a little matchbox, and exists out of two parts: the figurine (a rose) and the ring band;” is the description found in the ring’s profile at Blend Store.

The ring is made of stainless steel and while it’s vibe is harder and colder than that of Lucy’s ring, it’s no less pretty.

If you’ve found any other rose rings I’d love to see them. Please email me at [email protected]