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Friday, April 24th, 2009

Watcha think?

Cute right?

This is the design for the reusable shopping bag we’ll be giving away on Sunday at Shop and Spa. I love reusable shopping bags. (I have an inner Captain Planet.) I seem to have quite a collection too, as it seemed to be everyone’s gift of choice last Christmas.

Thing is, I’ve come to realize that owning one is just the first step. The more difficult part is actually remembering to take it with you when you hit the mall or the supermarket or the ukays. It always slips my mind, and I find myself picturing my stack of reusable shoppers when I’m paying at the counter, wishing that for once i took one along.

This is why this little pretty is going to be given to the first couple of lucky shoppers at Shop and Spa, so you’ve something cute to tote all your loot home in.

For those of you wondering, this event is open to all and it would be so great if you could drop by.

Come! Come!