April 27th, 2015

Mama’s fish house – Maui!

The entire time I was in Hawaii I kept on looking for that quintessential Hawaiian meal! That defining experience that will say “Now this is Hawaii”! After several attempts I think I may have found it in Mama’s fish house in Maui.http://www.mamasfishhouse.com We were lucky enough to get a table on the same night and the concierge was actually telling us that this was quite rare so I took that as a really good sign.

This is Mama’s fish house.
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April 24th, 2015


The second part of our Hawaiian Adventure took us to the beautiful island of Maui. Just 30 minutes away from Oahu is this spot of  paradise that is really quite laid back and super chill. We were so lucky that Nix’ childhood friends Lester and Christopher joined us in Maui.

Off to Maui we go!
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April 23rd, 2015

Last day in Waikiki, Hawaii!

We’ve been running around Oahu island for the last 3 days and Nix and I were so happy that we were finally able to do what we wanted to do in Hawaii. To just “veg” out and do nothing! It was amazing how beautiful and clean the waters are in Hawaii. Amidst the backdrop of the city of Honolulu you will find these pockets of beaches with crystal clear waters so clean that you see these foot long fishes swimming about.

The blue skies to Waikiki.
It’s amazing how a city like Honolulu can have the most pristine  beaches and clear waters.
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April 22nd, 2015

Be a Part of the 60 Scholars in 30 Days Challenge!

I have had a good start this year and am very thankful for the blessings that I have received. I have always believed in paying it forward which is why I’m grateful for my friend Rafe Totengco for introducing me to a very worthy cause upheld by the Tapulanga Foundation. Their 60 scholars in 30 days challenge encourages people to donate $35 or Php 1,450 per month to be able to put these kids to school. Your donation will go a long way because it will provide for 1 school year including their school supplies and books.

Currently, 4 scholars still need sponsors.  I am encouraging everyone to help us in this effort. It’s a small price to pay and yet you are able to change a child’s future.

For more information please visit their site http://www.tapulanga.org/60-scholars/






April 21st, 2015

#HonoluluBogLilitaw Hawaii adventure day 3

Day 3 of our Hawaiian adventure was all about being local in Hawaii. Normally visitors of this beautiful island forget to visit the west side of Oahu and because we were lucky enough to have Nix’s uncle as our personal guide we were able to really explore this side of the island with an in-depth perspective.

Loved seeing all these amazing tropical fresh fruit at the swap meet. A lot of which we have back home in the Philippines.
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April 17th, 2015

My Singapore project!

One of my personal goal is to go regional. Meaning to take our brand and branch out in South East Asia. I felt a bit of this goal happening when I had the opportunity to do a show this week in Singapore. I did a private event in one of the most luxurious properties in Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands.
I was really so proud of my team as this was really something special. We did what we normally do to prepare for a show in Manila. Casting the models was a dream as they were all so tall and beautiful. We finished fitting the models and did everything that would be needed to prepare for a show. We were literally in Singapore for less than 30 hours but we were able to do work so efficiently and effectively. I just wanted to share with you a bit of good news and also what we were able to do in Singapore for 30 hours.

This property is really so surreal and beautiful!

It’s like a space ship!

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April 15th, 2015

My Hawaii adventure day 2 part 2!

Our second day was really filled with loads of actions and activities and we were lucky enough to tick off some of our must do in Oahu. One of those “musts” was to try the famous Matsumoto shaved ice in the North Shore. My good friend Bianca Gonzales recommended us to go and boy was she right. Matsumoto is a  Hawaiian institution that began in 1951. http://matsumotoshaveice.com I heard that the lines could be so long that you would need to wait for over an hour. There are always lines in Matsumoto but gladly the day that we visited it was only a 15 minute wait.

The never ending lines at Matsumoto shaved ice in Haleiwa.


Loved the vibe! Still feels like they remained true to their origins.
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April 13th, 2015

#HonoluluGangTaktak Hawaii day 2 – part 1

It’s already getting to be a habit of mine to have these funny hashtags when I travel and share my photos in social media. I just find it hilarious when my friends come up with these hashtags and make our images more memorable.  The best ones are actually created by my friend Tim Yap and Bianca Gonzales.
Nix and I began our 2nd day in Honolulu quite early. I love it when jet lag hits me this way as I get to do more things and experience the place better. We began by having breakfast at Eggs’N Things which from my research is an essential and must experience when coming to Oahu. https://www.eggsnthings.com What began in 1974 is still one of the most delicious places to grab brunch and breakfast. Nix and I shared a crab cake, eggs benedict and some sausages and pancakes. The verdict? It was so good that we had to come back one more time before we went home.  I love breakfast but normally I eat this in a rush when I am home so I really relish this when I am travelling and have more time.

When in Honolulu you MUST have breakfast here!


Lots of cute merchandising that felt very Japanese.

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April 10th, 2015

Hello! HAWAII!

Hello from Hawaii! It’s my very first time on this beautiful island and so far I am really loving it. The vibe is really relaxed and the place reminds me of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sydney and Las Vegas in one place. We took the PAL flight to Honolulu which is pretty perfect as you leave Manila early evening and the flight takes 10 hours and by the time you land it’s 9am.

Took the early evening flight to Honolulu.
My travel essentials. Loving the new book of Dana Thomas.
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April 1st, 2015


I love a good market! It brings a community together and you really get a chance to feel the pulse of a place.So when my friends started to brew their creative and culinary minds together I knew that something good was bound to happen.
For 3 days over the weekend my friend’s brainchild came to life. Trish Panilillo, Dong Ronquillo and Dara Roa worked tirelessly to create a very special market geared towards a more distinct clientele that appreciates the finer things in life. Thus THE GOURMAND MARKET was born.
Even though my weekend was pretty swamped with work I really promised myself that I would take a gander and visit the market and experienced what all these wonderful enterprising minds had to offer. It was so lovely to see old and new friends sharing their own passion projects and in the course enjoying the fruits of their labor so to speak.
I just wanted to share with all of you my photos and experience and to congratulate my friends in this wonderful idea. I honestly cannot wait for the next one.

So happy to see my dear friend Johanna Garcia! Loving her new chapter in her life as a purveyor of healing and good food!
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