September 24th, 2009

Hello Kitty!

Today the Hello Kitty Luxe store located at Greenbelt 5 will have its formal opening! I was asked by Tita Virgie Ramos to design a Hello Kitty ensemble to be auctioned off for charity! Since Tessa Valdes will be hosting the event, I was inspired to create a replica of the dress that she will be wearing when the store opens! LOL!

The dress is made from black silk satin and tulle, accented by ostrich and coq feathers. The ensemble isĀ  further enhanced by adding jet black beads and Swarovski crystals! Check out my Hello Kitty when the store opens and if you’re so inclined, please bid on it at the auction. Hello Kitty wants you to help others in need!


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  1. rajo says:

    I am not sure how much the Hello Kitty is but, you can visit the Hello Kitty Luxe store in Greenbelt and check it out. If your a Hello Kitty fan the store will blow you away! Its amazing!

  2. charlene says:

    hi!very nice hello much is this?..thank you and more hello kitty photos….

  3. MynameisNix says:

    Hmm…that was not me who replied it was Rajo using my computer :)

  4. mrvncnls says:

    hi nix, i liked it.

    merv here :)

  5. MynameisNix says:

    HI! I know, black is really not a Hello Kitty color but I thought that it would work, Will post an entry of the event soon!

  6. mrvncnls says:

    i never thought black really looks good to hello kitty, i hope you can display more photos in the event rajo.

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