August 12th, 2010


I was asked by a leading broadsheet a few days ago to do a really cool task! What if I were to design the Philippine national costume and the evening  gown competition for our candidate, Venus Raj, in the upcoming Miss Universe competition!   I was like….OMG!!!!  Of course!!!!  The Miss Universe pageant is like my own personal SUPER BOWL, NBA FINALS, WORLD CUP and OLYMPICS all rolled into one!  LOL!!!!  Apart from the Academy awards, it is the only time that I allow myself to not go to work and camp in front of the TV and just really enjoy and relish the experience!
I am also very excited for our candidate this year because I really believe in my heart that she can win the coveted crown!   She is stunningly beautiful and has all the right elements that would make her a MISS UNIVERSE!

If given the chance to dress her up for the events of the competition these are the designs that I came up with.
1.   National Costume – I wanted to capture the ethnicity of the Pintados and mix it up with the exuberance and verve of the Ati-Ati han!  So I came up with a sheer body suit with a tattoo design and traced with jet black and gold beads and lots of crystals. I would then ask my super talented friend Arnel Papa to create massive layered cuffs for her in gold.  I would also ask him to do some major earrings in gold with onyx stones.  Then I would do a gold and black belt with black ostrich plumes!   She then will be carrying a gold lame’ and silk organza electric pleated overskirt that would playfully move as she walks on stage.

National Costume001
2.   Evening Gown – I want Venus Raj to be in really pale, opalescent colors!  I am thinking a really pale blush pink or a really pale sky blue.  I want to do something ethereal.  I am suggesting something in silk chiffon with several layers.  I want her to look like a goddess when she walks the stage.  I do not want something typical of pageant gowns so I want it loose and fluid.  I designed 2 variations for this purpose.

Evening long gown competion A002

Evening long gown competion B003
My hopes and prayers are with Ms. Venus Raj as she competes!  I truly have only good feelings for her and I cannot wait to watch this year’s Ms. Universe pageant because I know she will do extremely well!


  1. BeckiJugila says:

    OMG! Why in the hell the BPCI chooses a non-Filipino designer rather than a Filipino designer like you! Your designs are far better than that of Barraza. Have you seen his sketches? He even misses out the primary rule of sketching of Prop 8 (8-Proportional). LOL!

  2. Daiz says:

    OMG! your designs was way more beautiful than Bazzara..

    I wonder how Venus would look like if she had wear your designs

    OH geez! what on earth just happened to Ms. Araneta choosing Bazzara over Rajo

    A Filipino designer should have designed the costume and gown for a fellow Filipino

    not a COLUMBIAN designer..what does he know about Filipino culture anyway.

    I bet he doesn’t even know what an ati-atihan is.

  3. jhong says:

    oh my gosh i really love your designs Mr. Rajo.. you’re my inspiration..

  4. CaReN says:

    buang man ka rajo oi kadtong pagrampa ni venus d man imong gown ang gi suot lage maoton man to oi mas ok pa ning imoha gi drawing tala jud ka rajo pa sketch2x kapa d mo naman pinapasuot.

  5. major major says:

    she looked fantastic in a major major way hahaha….

    hay sayang…. she just had that lousy answer!

  6. rajo says:

    Dear Lynx,
    Absolutely! Thank you so much!

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