August 20th, 2010

Rajo Laurel for Moroso

Mark your calendars, ladies and gents!  In a few days, I will be unveiling my new collection for the HOUSE OF LAUREL!!!!  The collection is called SCI-FI AFRICA!

We will be partnering with MOROSO for this event!  The collection will be unveiled in their superchic showroom surrounded with really beautiful furniture!  If you are interested to go, I am giving away two invites to this event!  All I want from you is a really cool graphic artwork or sketch that would perfectly visualize the merging of RAJO+MOROSO.  Please submit all your entries before August 22,2010!  Please submit your entries via email at [email protected] I will announce the winners in my blog!  Who knows, if I am impressed I may even throw in some more gifts!!  LOL!  I will choose two winners!  I am so excited!

Moroso Invite1

Moroso Invite2


  1. Check out my Twitter page, I tagged you in my note. I’ll tell you something, I pose and Catwalk like a real female model in the Runway. little girls who look up to you should learn from me too maybe (BUT I DO IT WITH GLAMOUR, UNCLE JAN CRITICIZED MY POSING LIKE “NICE POSE”, AND YEAH IT ATTRACTED SOME OF THEM AND THE HOST TOLD ME I REMIND HER OF KURK FROM GLEE HAHAHA), Oh check out my blog BTW. I am gonna turn 13 for the next 3 months at the 25th. See You Around Ninong!!!-Kinny

    P.S They will might call me the new Fashion Designer and I am gonna be successful making 2 dresses for someone famous!!! I can’t wait.

  2. Stupendo! :) We at Moroso are all excited for the event! Hugs to the entire House of Laurel! :)

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