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FHM & my Black Widow dress!

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

I found this online and I just thought that it was really hilarious and interesting at the same time.  I have never realized how one dress on a really special woman can cause such a reaction!  It is heartwarming and flattering that real men love what I designed.  Just wanted to share this with all of you and I am so happy that so many people loved what I did for Ms. Anne.



The Philippine Fashion Ball!

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011
When I recieved the invitation for the first Philippine Fashion Ball, I got really excited!  I really loved the idea of having an event specifically to celebrate my beloved Fashion industry.  It was for me, a truly historical event that only could have come from the mind of the brilliant Keren Pascual.

Went to the ballroom early for rehearsals and it was already starting to look like a chic club!

The stage with one of our major sponsors: COKE ZERO!

That's Tessa reading the script.

Went home to change! Nix wearing one of RAJOMAN'S prototype for the upcoming holiday collection! Sneak peek! LOL!

Nix with Ivar and James

Love the back detail of Ivar's jacket! I want one!

Imagine an evening where everyone from the industry gathered together to just have fun.  It was really a magical evening, it felt like a reunion of sorts.  We people in the business rarely have the chance to see everyone.  We do have our “pockets” of friends but it was just wonderful to see everyone together.  Just one big happy group regardless of design group affiliations, publications or agency.

Sorry for the busted shot! My only shot of the genius that is Marlon Rivera! I am in awe of him! Super talented lensman and my friend Raymund Isaac. Who, by the way, never ages!

The FDAP designers and presidents with Raymond Villanueva.

A virtual wall of photographers welcomed the guests.

Saw my dearest Marina Benipayo with my Tatang Aureo Alonzo! He is such a wonderful man!

The Manila Peninsula ballroom was literally filled with the most important  and not to mention, the most beautiful people in Philippine Fashion!  It  was wonderful to see models from all generations getting together all dressed up in the evening’s black and white theme.   The evening also celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP), together with fashion designers, stylists, hair and beauty experts as well as fashion show directors and the top photographers in the land.  Everyone was represented: a virtual alphabet soup of presidents and members of all the major design groups like the FDCP, YDG and FDAP.  Although for me, it felt like really just one happy family!

More beautiful friends. Katrina, Daffy and Jae!

Spotted Candy with the GM of Manila Peninsula: the elegant Sonja Vodusek and Mike Kilayko fresh from Guam.

Black and white gals! Angellette and Marissa.

The gorgeous couple Marco and Jackie Antonio.

This is how you embrace style and bravura! I LOVE IT!!!! Ms. Tetta Ortiz! We all love you Tetta! So chic!!!!!

Cutie Patooties!!!!! LOL!

Spotted my fave model now, Irish Ong! Wearing me! LOL!

The men of SAGA! Dennis and Robby!

OMG!!!! Piolo spotting! LOL! Together with Phoemela Baranda who is now the PMAP president and the Antonio's.

Tetta and her gorgeous daughter.

Beautiful people alert!

Pepito Albert is going to kill me for posing this! But I am digging his new do! He is so healthy and skinny now he looks like Ozzie Osborne, the rocker! LOL!

I was deeply honored to have been asked to host the evening’s program.  Although I was a bit anxious at first because I wanted to make sure I had time to take photos for my blog and take down notes, not to  mention, dress up a few friends and my beloved muses.  Good thing, Nix was there to take most of the photos for my blog. I was also so happy that my Sea Princess Tessa Valdes was there to hold my hand  as my co-host.  Tessa is getting to be a real professional and because of her, I really enjoyed my very first hosting Job.  Although I don’t see this as career alternative any time soon.  ( Ballroom instruction is my next gig! LOL!)

Tessa makes her entrance at the ball!

I really love her energy!

Me and Irish Ong!

Lover of fashion Kaye Tinga with Tessa.

Mons Romulo looking like a goddess!

Nix with Apples! These two really love each other!

Apples in one of my original insect dresses.

My high school chum Anton Barretto.

Looking so slim is my friend Bernice Palanca.

My High School barkada in the house! Anton and Bernice!

This is how Chelsea Yabut does it!

Charina and Robert make a really special couple!

We love JOYCE MAKITALO! She is so talented and super nice!

Raymond and Georgina! King and queen of the prom!

WOW! HIgh fashion princess, the LIZ UY!

Tim Yap! Rock star looks chanelling KPOP! Wearing RAJOMAN!

One of my favorite couples. Anne and Erwan.

When Anne tweeted this dress that I made, it kinda made my twitter go nuts! OMG! She was just absolutely stunning! I LOVE IT! I swear i got around a gazillion hits.

The beauty doctors to the fashion crew!

The new skinny mini! Candy Dizon!

Fierce Dong with Liz and Tim!

We were all there to celebrate and give recognition to our colleagues who in many ways, inspired us.  These were our ICONS, our friends who have really paved the way for everyone and has remained a real inspiration to all of us.  The list of honorees are as follows:
1.  Beauty/ Make up-  Partrick Rosas
2.  Beauty/Hair design- Henri Calayag
3.  Modelling – Marina Benipayo
4.  Photography- Jun de Leon
5.  Mentorship and for giving us Philippine Fashion Week- Joey Espino Jr.
6.   Fashion Direction- Jackie Aquino
7.   Fashion Design- Inno Sotto
8.   Lifetime Achievement Award-  Josie Cruz Natori

Mother Henri gets the due recognition that he deserves.

The modelling award goes to Marina Benipayo! We all love her!

Jackie Aquino in the center is one of the best fashion show directors in the land!

Happy people!!!!

It was really touching and heartfelt to see all of these amazing awardees in one room.  In many many ways, they have touched not only my life but the life of everyone in the local fashion business.  It has been a true privilege knowing all these men and women.   Again, I must have around 300 photos to share with all of you and I have to admit some of them are crappy because my settings were all messed up.  However I still think it worth to share.

Everyone with that pink glow!

The super talented Juan Sarte III!

Daryl Chang declares that the cape is IN!

Preview's Vince Uy, rocking the white dinner jacket!

The sultry Pam Q! Wearing one of my "commando" dresses!

Ms. Wilma absolutely DOES!!!!

Love how Raymond lost so much weight! Keep it up Mond! Let's all get healthy together!

One of the best young designers out there! Martin Bautista in RAJOMAN!!!!!

Anton San Dieogo with the gorgeous Georgina!

To all those responsible for making the evening possible:  Robby Carmona,  Phoemela Baranda, Noel Manapat and Keren Pascual, thank you to all of you!  My final thought for the evening is that, we are in ONE industry, we should be ONE and move as ONE! I believe that only if we do this can we truly attain that desire for global recognition.  I believe in my industry and  I know that last night is the start of something really significant!  MABUHAY ang ating Industriya!!!! MABUHAY tayong Lahat!

Preview's EIC, Pauline Juan and I!

Anne Curtis and I in what I call, the Black Widow dress.

Liz's amazing back detail! Are those pearls for real? OMG!

Liz and Tweetie!

Philippine Project Runway season 3! LET'S GO!!!!

LOVE is in the AIR!!!!

Bianca Valerio! Loving the details of her gown! Check out Kingdom of C in the back! Carlos Conception is really one to watch in the local fashion biz! I bet he has lots of surprises up his sleeve.

Editors unite! Love

My Muses rocking my new collection! This is a bit of sneak peek of what's to come! It's quite dangerous! LOL!

Loving my girls!

Fashion print and texture all in a row!

BFF! Jing and Robby!

Back in each other's arms! Christian and Randy! Joke only!


The most skinny gal in Manila! NAKS!!!! MIch Dulce! Bravo Mich! So proud of your weight loss! May it never find you again!

This is Victor! He is the guy in the Fire video of Sollenne. I am so flattered that people think I look like him! HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL KAYA?!!!! OMG! I had to take a photo with him.

Gorgeous Models!!!!

The SNOW Queens! Daryl, Tessa and Liz!

My fave DJ Mars Miranda made everyone dance and swing till the wee hours of the morning!

Lotho as the Mad Hatter!


Dangerous eyes!

Apples with LIZ!

Tweetie and Bianca! Like sisters!

The new crew!

Group hug!

Nix with Pauline!


Clarks Wallabees!

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Every season, I get a shoe obsession and I want to share with you what I am totally loving right now.  Last season, it was all about the brogues.  I love brogues and they will still be playing the lead in my shoe closet but now I am totally loving the WALLABEES!

There is something strangely odd about this shoe.  I remember wearing them when I was a child and perhaps it’s that memory that triggers this desire.  The shape is actually odd looking and it feels fairly organic.  Short  of saying that  this is the shoe de rigeur for tree huggers and hippies!  LOL!  What I love about them is the shape and the handmade feel of the shoe.  I already got a pair and I am really loving them.  My history of trend spotting shoes have always been on the money so I just want to share this with all of you so that you can get a head start on the trends!











Tina’s Pie!

Saturday, August 13th, 2011
What I love about my little blog is I get to meet a lot of friends online who share the same passions as I have.  Whether it be fashion, art, furniture and of course, food!  LOL!   I was sent by my reader Tina, an email asking me if I would like to taste some of her savory pies.  Of course I said yes and a few days later, she sent me a box of samples.
The pies came in a box with a bright green ribbon and inside were these golden pies and tarts waiting for me to try.  Rainy days make me think of tuyo  and fried rice and Tina offered an upscale version of tuyo tarts.  They were strong in flavor and not for the faint of heart.  They actually make the perfect merienda.  I also very much enjoyed the larger pies which I ate for lunch.  I love the great big bits of chorizo in the chicken pastel pie.  I think these pies would be so perfect for a bridal shower or even an afternoon tea party.  They look delicate but the flavors are vivid and as the Spanish would say “Muy Fuerte”!

This arrived in my studio a few days ago.

Perfect for Merienda and a light lunch with a glass of cold white cabernet.

They look like golden discs of love!

If you’re interested on Tina’s Pie’s ( I love the name!  Each time I say or type it, I let out a bit of a giggle).  This is the Facebook page: and her mobile number is 0917 831 0925.  I think it’s really a great little treat!   When you call her, please tell her I said hello!  LOL!  Thank you Ms. Tina for your lovely pies! I cannot wait to order another batch.  Hope to finally meet you soon!

I love the name!


Dinner at Rosanna’s & Marco’s!

Friday, August 12th, 2011
One of my greatest pleasures is having dinner at a friend’s home.  There is something really special about experiences like this because it is more intimate and generally much more fun.  I was invited by one of the most beautiful couples in the city,  Marco and Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez.  They recently got married and invited a couple of friends to dinner.

Old World set-up!

The dinner crowd! I loved the topic of conversation which ended up with an invite to meet Paris H! LOL!

Marco did most of the cooking!  He is a real foodie with so much experience and knowledge about food that just listening to him talk makes your stomach growl.   You can read a few of his food articles in Rogue magazine.    Rosanna is kind of useless in the kitchen. LOL!  However, she does make up for it by being an amazing hostess and one really talented designer.  The menu was like a mediterranean journey which started out in Spain and then coursed through Italy and somehow ended up in  France!  LOL!

First course was a white gazpacho! We played a game of how many ingredients we thought this dish had! My guess was 17! LOL! It was so rich and decadent! Think almonds, yoghurt, prawns and many many more!

I loved this white fish and mushroom! I could have eaten half the dish!

These asparagus spears were so delightful - drizzled with herbs lemon and butter.

White fettucine with oyster mushrooms! Balancing light and heavy flavors.

We started our meal with these dates wrapped in smoked bacon.

Marco adds a dash of black pepper to his dessert! Strawberries bathed in age old balsamic vinegar and cream! YUM!

This was my dessert!

I just want to express my sincere gratitude for having me and I do hope that one day,  I can return the favor!  It was a really beautiful dinner.

Gorgeous couple! Rosanna and Marco!

Beautiful ladies!



Thursday, August 11th, 2011
When PR maven Ginggay Joven, sent me a message about the Tattoo Awards nomination night and asked if I was coming,  I halfheartedly said yes.  I normally stay in on “school nights” and ever since I got back from my trip, I have been having a bad case of “tamaditis”!  LOL!  Meaning, I just work and stay home!
Then Ginggay said that I was nominated for my blog!   I had to call her and repeat what she texted again?  My blog?!   SERIOUSLY?!!!!
I was like floored!  I love my blog!  It is my outlet, my diary and in many ways, my friend!  When Isha Andaya, my editor in, asked me to blog almost 3 years ago,  I could barely email!  I mean, I only just learned how to use my computer, let alone blog!  Gosh!  When I started, I did not even know what a blog was?!  Now I am nominated with a group of ladies that are just phenomenal bloggers and internet whiz-kids!   To be honest my dears, I can’t even copy-paste!  LOL!

Saw Robby and Melo!

Spotted! Chuvaness in her platforms and spots!

The fiercest! Globe tattoo's Fierce Dong Ronquillo! Congratulations!

Cecile and Dong announces the nominees.

Just the same, I am happy that people out there appreciate what I do. Even if half the time, it’s just sharing what I ate and what I saw.  It’s still a great validation!  I do hope my readers and my friends find the time to vote for me.  I, however, have realistic goals and have surrendered to the  ”beckinese’ army of my darling Divine Lee!  Heck, even I voted for her!  LOL!  I just want to express my sincere appreciation for being nominated.  Thank you to all the judges.  I saw who you are and I was like… YOU’RE ALL AMAZING!

I really love these girls! Bianca, Laureen and Liz! All so chic!

The becky night gals!

This is the Stylisimo group! Seriously though, we're all friends so the competition is light.

I arrived in perfect timing with Divine Lee and Victor Basa.  We have this thing where we actually end up arriving the same time and 9 out of 10, we actually go in together.  It has more impact that way. Tee hee!    The room was buzzing with energy.  It felt so good to be in a room filled with all these people that entirely make up what Filipinos  read on their computers.  It was like a microcosm of all the blogs, websites etc.  The party was held in the super chic Salon de Ning and it was fun to hang out with friends online!  What was it they used to say?  Eyeballing?  LOL!   Anyhoo!  Win or lose, I feel good that my little blog was noticed and nominated.  Just want to say thank you to everyone who voted for me and who just enjoy reading my blog as much as I loved writing and sharing.  Wag sana kayong magsasawa!

My darling Divine Lee with Victor Basa!

Love these shell chandeliers!

Vic & Carlos Celdran.

There was an impromptu pictorial and no one rules this like Divine!

Funny how Jake Galvez did not know who Gang was? I had to introduce them. Tee hee!

The fashion crew! I love you all!


Globe Tatt Awards!

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Hi guys! As you all know, I was nominated for the Globe Tatt Awards and I really wanted to show you guys how easy it is to vote. It’s really simple, all you need is a Facebook account, then head on over to:



This is the main screen you'll see, click the "Stylismo" category to see the nominees (myself included!)

And then simply click vote! Verify with Facebook and you're done! For more information on the nominees and their blogs, click each individual picture for a short description.


Happy voting!  That’s all there is to it!


Wednesday, August 10th, 2011
In a few months, the most exciting and important reality TV show/Fashion design competition will be airing!  Philippine Project Runway Season 3 is on BABY!

My co-judge, the super fabulous Ms. Apples Aberin!

I love this group shot!

I love this group shot! We all look so FIERCE!!!

I hope I can use this a press photo after! I desperately need one! LOL!

It took 2 years to finally make this happen!  This time. it is BIGGER, BETTER and MORE EXCITING! The prizes alone will make you drool!  Are you ready for  a cash prize of ONE MILLION PESOS!!!!!!!!  OMG!   A scholarship to a super amazing school in either PARIS OR LONDON!  OMG!!!!!!!!!   This comes with your flight tickets plus board and lodging!   OMG!!!!!!!   I mean, I want to join!  LOL!

Apples arrived in a dangerous Veejay Floresca!

The banners!

My favorite mentor, Jojie Lloren! I LOVE Jojie!

However, I want all you designers out there (over the age of 21 and older! ) to really think about this opportunity!  It’s really A CHANCE OF A LIFETIME!!!!! I really want to be able to seek out the next fashion design star!  Log on to for  more information about the auditon which starts in a few weeks!
We had a really fun press launch to introduce the show again and to bring forth our new host.  My friend and Philippine Super Model, Tweetie de Leon!   Check out our photos!  So!  If you’re reading this, please spread the word and AUDITION!!!!  JOIN NA!!!!!!

Lulu Tan Gan and our leader, Mr. Wilson Tieng!

PMAP will be our models this season! OMG! These designers are so lucky to be working with the best models in the country!

The gang with Mr. Tieng!

The gang with Lulu's girls!



Tuesday, August 9th, 2011
Because of all this dreary and grey weather we’re having in Manila, I tend to crave for certain foods.  When it rains, I automatically think of hot rice with tuyo and fried eggs with chopped tomatoes on the side.  It’s my rainy day comfort food!  However, I have been having a craving for really good Japanese Ramen.  I researched online and asked a couple of my food expert friends and almost all pointed me to Ukokkei Ramen Ron.

The facade of the ramen place! Simple and no fuss.

It was pretty full the night that we arrived and we shared a table with a young couple.  As we were ordering, the couple complained that there was hair in their ramen!  I shuddered and my heart began to sink!  However, Ukokkei acted on the matter so professionally and I was happy to notice that the couple seemed happy with their food.

The table setting.

The cheeky decor.

I on the other hand, was really excited!  Japanese is my favorite cuisine. It’s the one type of food I can eat everyday.  I had the basic miso ramen with pork plus a side order of the gyoza which was bit tiny. But I think it’s the perfect bite size so you can just dip and pop it in your mouth.  We had to have a second order of that.  Then we had some karaage which is the fried chicken Japanese style.  I thought it was pretty basic so stick with the ramen.  My dinner companion had the shoyu ramen which was not as good as my miso ramen.

My super yummy bowl of goodness! Perfection for the weather.

This was the other ramen bowl! It had deep fried garlic bits. The shoyu soup was just ok for me.

Mini gyoza! Had to have 2 of this!

Japenese fried chicken.

What I love about my miso ramen was the soup!  It was rich, dense and full of intensity.  I would come back just for the soup!  The service was a bit spotty. I kind of had to crane my neck and waive vigorously to get a servers attention which is one of my pet peeves.  Other than that, it satisfied my ramen crave!

Tita Pixie’s Nilaga night!

Monday, August 8th, 2011
The mom of Leica is really one of the coolest ladies I have ever met!  She has a zest for life that is infectious and contagious.  Although she will deny this when you meet her, she is an excellent cook!  She asked me what I wanted to have for dinner when I visited her and I said I want her boiled chicken!  I first tried this around 3 or 4 years ago and I could not forget it.

Tita Pixie fixes her table for a lovely casual Sunday supper.

Supper without the bubbly is just not fun!


Photo shoot time! Teen Vogue levels! LOL!

Style twins!

In black and green?

Leica's men in black!

LOVE this shot!

Nix! Nag pa photo shoot! LOL!

Martin and Leica... so happy!

Backyard blooms!


Leica's main MEN!

It was one of those dishes that just soothes your soul.  Real comfort food.  The secret she says is really in the chicken. Organic and free range is the only way to go.  Then she uses 2 types of sausages both of which are spanish.  The rest as she says is just boiling. So really no secret do that.  I think her side sauce “sofrito” also makes a huge difference. It’s this chunky tomato sauce that gives the dish an extra zing!

Instead of cabbage, Tita Pixie adds lettuce to her nilaga. Less uric acid, I believe and no bloating!

Tita Pixie's NILAGA! YUM!!!

The veggies!

Ton-Ton is so happy!

Let's eat!

We had a Sunday meal at her house with Leica and the gang. It was one of those really blessed day filled with good cheer and lots of laughter.  I just want to express my sincere thanks to Tita Pixie and her husband Eoin for the lovely weekend.  Your hospitality was deeply appreciated!

Another birthday cake for the birthday boy!

The gang!

Ton and Nix

A bit of dancing after dinner!

A bit of dancing after dinner!