October 20th, 2011

My DLSU talk!

I graduated college from the De La Salle University.  College to me was a blur.  I really wanted to just graduate and begin my career.  Half the time when I was in school, I was immersed in my plans for my business and my design life.  Due to the proximity of La Salle to Malate ( which was the fashion design hub in the 90′s), I had access to befriend and apprentice with Louie Mamengo.   He was my first design mentor.
It has been a long time since I have been back to DLSU and visiting that afternoon really brought back a lot of memories.  I went to grade school there and in fact, my batch was the last  grade school batch.  After that, the entire campus was all college.

A photo when I was grade 3 or 4? I think I still look the same? LOL!

My Graduation when I was grade 7.

I graduated in De La Salle Zobel.

Me with my parents.


I have not been back to the DLSU campus in what seems like forever.

Each time I get invited to speak to young people, I really try and make time for it.  I am both humbled and honored and take great responsibility in this.  So when the DLSU’s YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR SOCIETY asked me speak to their members, I willingly obliged.

The beautiful bright young girls who invited me. Caitline and Isabel!

I love talking to young people because in many ways, I learn so much from them.  I had a  great time with my talk and from the feed back I got from Twitter, the students ended up being inspired!  I love that.  Thank you DLSU for inviting me! It was really such a pleasure.

The audience.

My talk!

Hope they did not get bored.

My plaque of appreciation.

Memories of grade school and college hit me when I walked the campus.



  1. rajo says:

    Tried to make my talk in under 40 minutes. Thanks!

  2. Ella C says:

    Oh my Rajo, you look super the same pa rin! SO CUTE!! :) … I’m definitely sure those kids were not bored one bit.

    Animo La Salle!

  3. rajo says:

    OMG! I was a cheerleader in College! I am not kidding! I was actually quite good at it! I know all the cheers!

  4. mabuhay says:

    Rektikano, Rajo! :)

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