June 19th, 2012

The London 2012 Olympics Phil-Contingent Uniforms!

I have great news! I feel very grateful and honored to tell all of you that I will be designing and making the clothes for the opening ceremonies for the Philippine Team in the 2012 London Olympics!  We have a 30-person contingent of both male and female athletes, coaches and delegates! I can’t tell you how big of an honor this is for me!

My inspiration is the Philippine national costume, our very own barong Tagalog.  I believe in its simplicity and elegance.  I decided to use the colors black, gold and mocha for the ensemble. The embroidery will feature a modern “palay” inspired design with dark cobalt and blue threads symbolizing good fortune.  The main accessory is a salakot, which I have gilded in gold leaf and hopefully will catch the light as they enter the Olympic arena.  My main thoughts for this as we send out our Olympians is that they are the gladiators in the movie 300.  We may have a small team, but we are filled with confidence and pride!  Let us all wish them well!  I would like to thank the Philippine Olympic committee for giving me this amazing opportunity!  Mabuhay ang ating mga Manlalarong Pilipino! Check out my sketches below:

An updated all-Filipino barong Tagalog!

The Filipina Olympian!

This is the design we made for the embroidery of the barong. I wanted it to be "palay" because it symbolizes good fortune and luck.

I can’t wait to see this project come to life! It is an honor!




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  1. Jed says:

    Hi Rajo!
    I just want to say your Barong design is so superb!
    I love the bamboo design and the hat is such a very nice touch! :)

    I miss someone wearing a Barong with it.

    God bless! :)

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  3. rajo says:

    The main difference is the shape and the fit. However it is essentially the same. We have such a tiny delegation that it would be pointless to variate the two designs. It is much more impactful this way.
    Thanks for the information.

  4. Kherwin says:

    Congratulations on your latest project. BTW, is there a diference between the two “baros”, the one for the male and the one for the female ? Or they are just the same?

  5. rajo says:

    They will be removing it as they walk in and wave to the crowd using the Salakot. We will see the faces, I just want a dramatic entrance.

  6. Charles Simbillo says:

    Can we remove the sumbrero, so that the faces of our Filipino athletes can be clearly seen on television?

  7. rajo says:

    I know Lexi. Just have her call me when you have a schedule. Thanks!

  8. Miladay Semaña says:

    Congratulations, Sir!

    By the way, Im from ABS-CBN News Channel and we would like to have you in our show “ANC Alerts” anchored by Lexi Schulsz at 430pm.

    Please feel free to call me.

    Miladay Semaña

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