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FOOD TRIPPING – Singapore style!

Monday, March 12th, 2012
One thing you must know about me is that I LOVE FOOD!  LOL!   I have had a love affair with food ever since I was really small!  In fact, it’s true what they say when I was younger – I was ” Pinabayaan sa kusina” ( I was left all alone in the kitchen and just went pretty wild!)
Travel for me is all about having lots of eating experiences and I was more than happy to do that in Singapore. I was so impressed with the quantity and quality of the food choices being offered in Singapore.  Apart from my usual hawker favorites which gets better and better each year, there are a multitude of fabulous restaurants that are slowly making Singapore a true foodie paradise.
I was having a craving for Laksa and my friend Alaric took me to one of the most authentic laksa places in town. It is called Katong Laksa The place is really famous and they have several walls of famous celebrities and dignitaries that have eaten in the humble restaurant.

Happy that I was able to see my friend Bong! He is such a cutie bear! LOL!